The “Holy Grail” Of Screen Protectors

Until now, I couldn’t bring myself to get a case and/or screen protector for my iPhone 5. In fact, I have never put a case on any of my previously owned iPhones dating back to the 3G, but that is all going to change. As of today the chances of breaking my nice new iPhone 5 screen is slim to none thanks to the “Holy Grail” screen protector.

Thankfully it is still in its development stages, which means it is cheaper and still cool. No on has this yet so showing it off will be fun. It is basically a new material that can withstand almost any impact. You can even hit this thing with a hammer and it wont budge! Even better, it wont scratch! There are a few different screen protectors that boast an anit-scratch material, but this one seems to be the real deal.

Lastly, the screen will have absolutely no air bubbles when applied to the phone. It is almost too good to be true. It is nearly unbreakable, super scratch resistant, and bubble free when applied. What else can one ask for? Maybe something thin as well? You got it. This screen protector is extremely thin and not one of those bulky cases that snaps to your phone. It is applied like any other screen protector. I also can’t believe how quickly it can be applied without using some squeegee or other hard flat object to push out the bubbles. Just line it up, use your fingers to smooth it out, and voila.

TLDR; Get this nearly indestructible screen protector for your smart phone now for $20. It’ll be the best $20 spent in a long time. Buy it here!