Stigmas Behind Traveling

The Alps, Switzerland
The Alps, Switzerland

When most people think about traveling to Europe or somewhere that requires a few hours or more on a plane, they think: too much money, too much time, too much planning, and where would I begin? These questions are completely valid but people have the wrong ideas already placed in their heads. For example, one can travel to Europe for a week and get to see a lot of interesting things for less than 600 Dollars.

Myth-busting Facts:

1. Tickets from major airports in the US to major airports in Europe can be very inexpensive. Of course you can’t just go to to expedia and expect to leave this Saturday and come back next Saturday leaving from your local airport for a cheap rate. Check flights on everyday through the week. Typically mon-thur departures and arrivals are the cheapest dates. Make sure to check all the airports you would be willing to drive to since sometimes it could mean a few hundred or more dollars difference in flight.

2. People visit different countries or states all the time for 2 or 3 days. I would, of course, suggest a longer stay in order to see a few things but if you have a choice between a 3 day trip and no trip, I would take the 3 day. Planning is your best way to maximize your stay. Get the major attractions out of the way the first day or 2 and focus on the culture for the remainder of your stay. The Eiffel Tower is amazing to see but is hardly the best thing about Paris. I enjoy the food, drinks, people, and other culture related things.

3. Planning can be quite time consuming. Finding that perfect cheap flight can cost you weeks or months of searching, especially if it is your first time. After booking the flight it is downhill from there and a lot more fun. Looking at local attractions, transportation,¬†restaurants, etc are always a fun thing to do. Don’t over-do yourself by waiting until the last minute or only giving yourself 1 week to plan (unless you are very adventurous and don’t mind spending some extra cash).

4. Where to start? Well with a passport of course! You can get them at your local post office for around $100 and it can take several weeks to get so make sure you have one before you book your flight!

I have traveled to Europe 10+ times already and im 26 years old. I would be more than happy to give any kind of traveling advice, including extended stays abroad. Just click on the “Contact Me” link or email me directly at with any questions you might have, and if I can’t answer them I will find out for you!


  1. Christine Messinger says:

    The Eiffel Tower sure is amazing, but I have to agree that there is a whole lot more to see in Paris!!!