Summing Up Diablo 3

Diablo 3The best way to sum up Diablo 3 is to break down its content and what it offers.

  • End Game: Diablo 3 has absolutely no end game. The only thing to do after reaching paragon 100 is to farm the same Act over and over again. 2/10
  • Design: I would say it has some pretty nice graphics and design. 8/10
  • Auction House: The auction house has extremely poor functionality and lots items are completely impossible to sort such as The Stone of Jordan.  4/10
  • Game Play: The game play in general is smooth and works very well. There isn’t much lag anymore and flying through mobs is a lot of fun. 8/10
  • Content: This is where Diablo 3 is really suffering. So much content was dropped right before release and still has never found its way back into the game. I would assume because they are needing more material to put into the expansion. 4/10

Overall, it is a fun game to waste a few hours playing here and there. Personally, I am going to wait until the expansion before I invest a lot of time in it. The content is just too limited and that to me is the most important.