Realistic Future Phone Specs

future phone

I’m always really curious of the next latest and greatest phones they come out with, and speculation has always been a hobby of mine. So, I’d like to take the time and throw some realistic future ideas on cell phone technology.

  • pico-projector- There are already phones that have tiny projectors on them but none worth using. Eventually they will be worthwhile.
  • RF- I’ve never understood why cell phones, especially touch phones, don’t have the ability to be a universal remote control. This should have already been implemented.
  • uncrackable non-oil glass shell- I’m tired of phones made with the cheapest plastic and aluminum that crack, scratch, and leave smudges. Just made something that works.
  • 8-core or more processor- there isn’t much need for this technology now, but I do like my technology instant-like fast. When I push a button, I want the action to happen yesterday.
  • 1TB+ storage- The problem with this is flash memory is super expensive. With all of the new storage technologies coming out within the past couple years, this should already be underway.
  • wireless charging/connection- I would be ok with the just setting my phone on a pad that will charge my phone and connect to a computer so I don’t have to plug it in all the time. What I would really like to see is actual wireless charging, as in my phone is charging while it is in my pocket.
  • 20+MP camera with an SLR like f/stop- With cameras getting better and better SLRs are becoming less and less used. A phone to have such capabilities would be great.
  • complete voice operation- Siri is about the closest thing to voice control though it is still quite limited. Voice recognition with perfect distinction of slang.
  • fingerprint reader- How great would it be to unlock your phone or secure your data via fingerprint?
  • week-long battery- The only thing better than wireless charging would be a battery that lasts an entire week or more.
  • enhanced antenna- What if your cell phone worked everywhere? I mean, on top of the alps or in a cave.
  • projectable keyboard- There actually are projectable keyboards available but of course not on a phone.
  • wearable- I would love an all-in-one Google Glass and cell phone.

Add a comment with your own ideas. I’d love to hear them.