Pebble Living Up To The Hype

Every once in a while a piece of technology comes along and changes the game.  It redefines what other devices in its genre SHOULD do.  It inspires the “big guys” to play along.  Hello, Pebble.

Pebble Kickstarter Video from Pebble Technology on Vimeo.

Pebble is a watch… but of a very different kind.  It tells the time… but you can change how.  It delivers your text messages, tells you who’s calling, let’s you preview your emails, etc, all at the speed your phone does.  As a matter of fact, it’s practically an extension of your phone – a perfect sidekick.  Consider your phone Batman and your Pebble Robin.  It communicates exclusively over Bluetooth to keep in perfect sync with your phone.

It all started when a guy and a few of his buddies dreamed up an idea and took to Kickstarter.  I’m not sure how they would’ve had enough funds to do all the research and development process with a modest goal of $100,000 but I’m sure they had a plan.  What I don’t think they had a plan for was ending their campaign $10,000,000 (yes, 10 million dollars) more than said modest goal.  To this day, it’s the most successful Kickstarter campaign on record.

A good selection of watch faces are available out of the box and many custom designed faces will become available as they iron out their dev kit.  In development are several different kind of apps, which like the watch faces, download directly to Pebble via Bluetooth.  You’ll start to see fitness related apps and even a golf rangefinder soon.

It’s one of the few products where my level of excitement hasn’t dwindled since receiving it.  They took a few notes from Apple in the unboxing by making it extremely easy to get up and running.  A few of my favorite features?  Being busy throughout the day, trying to keep up with clients, I no longer have to be the rude guy on set pulling out my phone all the time, I simply look like I’m just fidgeting with my watch now.  I love being home and streaming music from my iPhone and using the Pebble as a remote device to advance the playlist or trigger the next Pandora song.  Does it need a bit of work?  Yes.  Are they working on it?  Yes.  Let’s see what the dev kit does for this, but there’s a lot of potential.  I’ll be excited to see some touchscreen functionality in future models to get rid of a couple of the buttons.

There’s a lot more… I already hear the Oscars music playing me off the stage.  Check out for a full list of features.

P.S. — Do you think it’s coincidence that you’re just now starting to hear about an Apple-made wrist device?  Whether Pebble can live up or not, it has definitely sealed a place in history as revolutionizing this genre.