Oh the Dreaded Hangover, HELP!



If you drink alcohol you are more than likely to have a hangover or two or thirteen thousand. Some people get hangovers more than others, but I have some tips that might remedy a few of those hangovers from easy nights.

1. Drink at least 1 tall glass of orange juice before you start drinking. This fills your body up with vitamins in which the alcohol will diminish later in the evening.

2. Eat greasy food before drinking, not after. This will line your stomach with a grease layer before drinking and will definitely help with the alcohol raping your stomach.

3. Continuously drink water throughout the drinking session and before you go to sleep slam an entire bottle. This is the absolute best tip one could give.

4. Think twice before mixing 5 liquors and 14 different beers. Clear alcohol tends to be the best choice if you don’t want to have a bad hangover the next day. Usually clear alcohol has less crap in it. Wine is a TERRIBLE choice to get drunk from unless you only have a couple glasses. If you want to get drunk from wine, you better prepare for a miserable next day.

5. Remember to eat throughout the day and finish your night off with some carbs. Carbs+Grease = good for hangovers, terrible for overall health.

6. Take an aspirin before and after drinking. Though it isn’t very homeopathic, it is amazingly helpful.

7. Take it easy. Plain and simple. Relax and let the terrible choices of the night before waft over you.

All-in-all, make sure you are prepared before you go out and build a base for your body before you totally destroy it.

Remember to be safe. I had to say it, but the most important thing to do while drinking heavily is to be aware of your surroundings and limit your movement. Take cabs or walk when necessary. DUIs can ruin the rest of your life, a hangover will only ruin a day or two.

Some things not to do:

1. Drink coffee before, during, or after. Stick with a 5 hour energy; it is filled with vitamin B and will help get you through your tired spell.

2. Work out. So many people believe that working out when they are hungover is a good way to sweat out the alcohol. That is absolutely untrue. It will only make your blood pump faster which will increase the effect, though lessening the total time of it. You can’t sweat out alcohol and it sure as hell wont help you sober up. Take it from the doc: http://www.outsideonline.com/fitness/fitness-coach/Can-I-Sweat-Out-Alcohol-20120717.html