Next iPhone Is Bigger, Cheaper, And Plastic?


Rumor has it that the next, or maybe the next after the next, iPhone will be way more affordable. That being said, Apple is not willing to compromise speed, but they are willing to compromise the iPhone’s aluminum shell.

As of now the iPhone, as you all know, has an aluminum case which not only makes it more sturdy but also lighter than some plastics. Also, it has a metal band that boarders the case which is the antenna. I’m not sure if Apple wants to scrap the whole metal design with or without the external antenna, but I am quite curious what they are cooking up.

As for bigger, the plastic iPhone is rumored to have a 4.5-5.0inch screen which is a huge difference compared to iPhone 5’s 4inch screen. I think apple took a lot of criticism when the iPhone 5 came out with a longer screen but kept the same width. Though I love my iPhone 5, it just doesn’t feel like the “right” dimensions as the iPhone 4 and 4s did. I’d imagine Apple wants to stick to the golden 16:9 ratio again.

From what I’ve been reading, the price of this plastic gem is going to be around $330 without a contract and probably free with a contract. The only problem I see is that it will definitely hurt their existing iPhone 4 and 4s sales. I personally just really like the feel of an all metal phone and am willing to throw an extra couple bucks or so for that little higher quality. It is kinda what made the iPhone stand out above the rest since the 3Gs. Now it is going to be even more remarkably similar to the Samsung Galaxy phones.

Overall I’d say that this new affordable plastic iPhone will be extremely popular. The phone overall might loose a bit of “finess”, but I would sacrifice that for some speed and a bigger screen (but not the metal case 🙂 ). I’m not sure how much faster or other specs it could have, but one would assume an upgraded camera, quad-core processor, more RAM, better graphics, etc.

Feel free to post your thoughts!