Must Have iPhone Apps


Besides the usual social networking apps, there are thousands of great apps that many people don’t know about. The apps listed below have been personally tested by me and work flawlessly. Some are free and some are just worth every penny, but check them out.

  • WhatsApp- A perfect way to message anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world for free! This uses your data and not your texts. You can even send video, voice, and MMS!
  • Viber- Another “wow” app that lets people call each other anywhere in the world for free! Again, it uses only data and does not use up your minutes or charge for international calling. As long as you are in good service and both parties have this app installed on their phones, then this is the app for you. You can also text like WhatsApp.
  • Collins Dictionary- This is a life saver offline English/X dictionary. There is a Collins Dictionary app for most popular languages. It does cost up to $30, but I must say if you are constantly interacting in another language there is no better app in the App Store. It even conjugates verbs and gives examples of how to use the words in sentences.
  • Starbucks App- If you are an avid Starbucks drinker, I’d suggest you get this app now! Use it just as you would any Starbucks Card and accumulate stars. It always lets you know you know how many stars you have, how many you need to get to the next level, and the benefits of the level you are at. Stop using your debit card and start using this.
  • Fitness Buddy- A great app to teach you how to get in shape as well as track your progress. ‘Nuff said.
  • Simply HDR- In my opinion this app is better than Instagram. It lets you turn any photo into an HDR version. It is extremely customizable and easy to use.
  • theScore- Having trouble keeping track of favorite teams, players, games, etc.? This app will take care of it all for you. You can set custom alerts for when games begin, every score, half time, and when games end. It keeps player stats as well as league schedules.
  • Tube Downloader- Are you always checking out YouTube videos on your phone and showing people your favorites? If so then download this app now. You can save any YouTube video directly to your phone and keep it to show people anytime and even offline!
  • Paypal- Yes, Paypal on your phone is awesome. Owe your buddy money for a tab he picked up of yours? Just type in his Paypal registered email and the amount and click send. Voilà.
  • A+ Essentials (701 and 702)- Two amazing apps to help you study for your A+ certification. If you have a little knowledge on fixing computers and only study the practice exams on these apps, I bet you can get your A+. These apps cost about $18 combined but SO worth it.
  • Action Movie- This is one of the most fun apps I have used. Basically take a short video clip of someone and then pick an action to add to the clip. For example, I took a clip of my nephew being stubborn and not eating his food and then chose the action of a meteor crashing on his head. Then you can upload right to Facebook!
  • Expensify- This app is my new secret weapon against losing track of all my personal/business expenses. Take photos of receipts, log miles, log time, generate reports, etc. This app does it all, and it’s free!

OK, I am done killing your data plan. Comment below with your favorite apps! I would love to hear them.


  1. akm says:

    Wunderlist – too many things to do and you don’t wanna forget anything? Use Wunderlist as your online “To Do-List” that you can access from everywhere and for free. You can mark things as important and create different lists – one for work, one for private stuff, a shopping list, etc. And if you did the thing you wanted to do, you get the satisfaction of crossing it of the list.

  2. Josh says:

    Mailbox — a brand new app that may even still be on a wait-list for users. Best mail app ever.

    Dark Sky — tells you when it’s going to rain / snow in your area, down to the minute.

    Log Me In — great, free, remote access app.

    Yelp / TV Food maps — use these 2 apps together to find the best food any place you’re traveling.

    Snapseed — favorite for photo editing.