Migrating To The Cloud


A lot of you have already made the leap to cloud storage. However, if you haven’t yet, you should! It makes life so much easier with all your files stored on a server somewhere out there in cyberspace, i.e. the cloud.

Imagine you are out of town or away from your computer and you desperately want to pull up that picture of your friend passed out drunk at a bachelor party but can’t. Lots of laughs wasted. Well not anymore! Sign up free to most cloud services: dropbox, box, google drive, sky drive, etc.

There is just no better way to store data and keep it with you at all times. The popular cloud services have smart phone apps so you can just log in directly from your cell. Of course these services can store any type of data:  pics, movies, music, docs, etc.; really anything your computer can store. Also, you can set up shared folders so specific friends, family members, and/or colleagues can see the allowed files and be able to download and/or edit them.

Now which one to go with? Honestly, I have them all, but I use Box the most due to a 50GB promotion that I capitalized on. They are all exactly the same so just go with whatever your friends are using or the best offer. Usually you have to pay $40-100+/year to have 50GB or more storage. The typical storage is 20GB or less for the free version which is good enough for just the essentials. If you want to store those 10,000+ pics that you’ve accumulated throughout the years, then bite the bullet and pay the yearly fee.

Because I am a good guy, if you comment below with a valid email then I will send out a 50GB free offer with Box.com. It is a limited time offer due to Box.com promotions so jump on this awesome deal like I did!

Edit: Unfortunately, my max amount of invitations has been reached. Keep looking for those great offers and take advantage of them!



  1. akm says:

    does box.com have a limit for the size of one single file? cause dropbox has and it’s really annoying. if not, I’d like to take you up on your generous offer!