iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3

iPhone5 vs Galaxy S3


So this is a heated debate by lots of apple/android fans. I do own an iPhone 5 and love it, but many of my friends rave about the Galaxy S3. How about I just give you the facts:

Speed- iPhone 5 (slightly faster)

Camera- iPhone 5 has a better rear (slightly better due to the processor) and the S3 has a better front (1.9mp vs 1.2mp)

App Store- iPhone 5 (many more applications available)

Customizable- Galaxy S3 (much more customizable)

Biggest Screen- Galaxy S3 (4.8″) (about 17% larger)

Battery Life- iPhone 5 (an extra hour or 2)

Storage- Galaxy S3 has a microSD slot for interchangeable storage, but both phones offer the same standard storage options (16GB, 32GB, 64GB)

Lightest- iPhone 5 (112g) (about 21g lighter)

Durability- iPhone5 (much much more durable as far as dropping and cracking screens go)

Accessories- iPhone 5 (much larger variety of accessories)

Other stuff: iPhone 5 has a new power cable and will not work with all of the other apple devices’ 32pin connectors. Samsung Galaxy S3 uses the same USB cable as all the other models and accessories.