I’m Ready For A Better Facebook


Did you know there are now child pornography videos supposedly going “viral” on Facebook? This is getting ridiculous. Remember what Facebook was like 7-8 years ago? Where you needed a .edu email address to create an account. No parents, dogs, babies, etc. No political, racial, sexist, and other discussions with as many ignorant people throwing in their 2-cents, no ad-filled news feed, no brands, no games, and no other crap that just clutters up your pages. It was nice reading only important things people have to say or being able to get involved in educated discussions or just the fact that it was simple and clean. That is the site I want.

Now, your posts are thrown into an algorithm to where it will only display them on “relevant” friends’ newsfeeds. But if I decided to pay some money, my posts will display on everyone’s news feed. D-U-M dumb.

There are other social networking sites such as Google +, myspace, etc., but they don’t have anywhere close to the amount of old college and highschool friends or colleagues. Instead they try to compete with facebook by using “less” ads and offer different approaches to managing your friends. Again though, everyone and anyone can create an account.

I know this is more of a rant, but I feel enough is enough. Please tell me I am missing that “.edu” social networking site that Facebook once was. Feel free to comment and let me know your opinions. Maybe I am blowing this out of proportion….wait…no I’m not.