Got Confidence?


This word gets thrown around quite a bit, doesn’t it? Let’s pick apart the definition: “A feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances”. “…the quality or state of being certain”. You may have confidence in a family member, friend, or colleague, but how about yourself? I would like to discuss how young men can use confidence in their everyday life as a gateway to happiness, as well as success.

In this day and age, it is important for men to possess, own, and exude confidence in every part of life. In the workplace, at an interview, on a date or out at the bar; wherever you are, you should present yourself in a manner where people will not only notice you, but respect you.

I recently received a job with TD Bank that I am well under qualified for, and with no banking experience what-so-ever. How? I killed the interview. I walked in and answered every question with confidence by making eye contact, speaking clearly and fluently, and by making my presence known. I took control of the flow of the interview by simply remaining calm and answering the questions thrown my way to the best of my ability. What’s the name of the game here, gentlemen? Confidence.

Also, it is a fact that women respond positively to men who are confident with themselves. When you are out with friends… have fun, laugh hard, and be noticed. Don’t be afraid to meet eye contact with women and smile (careful to not dance the line of “creeper” status). Be the first out of your friends to do what most men are afraid of doing: approaching women. Speak up, and make your presence felt by the people whom you are with, as well as the others that are around.

We live in a visual age where one is judged largely upon his/her appearance. Confidence is a huge factor in how you present yourself to others. It is important that you take pride in your overall physical health. It is proven that consistent physical activity boosts endorphins within the body and promotes happiness. This will aid you in becoming confident with who you are.

Before you walk out the door, ask yourself, “What am I wearing?” Teeth, ears, fingernails, check. This all becomes much easier when you can look in the mirror and take pride in yourself, who you are, and what you have become. If you can achieve confidence and are truly happy with yourself, both women and men will take notice. In the end, building your self-esteem by bringing confidence into the mix, will help you gain the most out of life and what it has to offer.