Google Glass, A Cool $1,500 (Video)

Want to be the coolest nerd on campus? $1,500 will get you there with your new Google Glass. Despite the CrAzY price, they are pretty interesting. I would love to get my hands on these bad boys to test them out and give a proper review. So once you make the purchase, what will you do with them? This cool video ad should give you some ideas. I’d have to really justify spending that kind of money.

So what in the world can you do with this product? Taking videos, snap shots, navigation, posting to your social networks, and getting instant information is only the beginning. I’m not sure how many videos, pics, and apps you can download, but rest assured it will be enough for days worth and easily transfered. I’m also curious about the realtime battery life.

I can say with certainty that this is the first of many wearable computer displays to come. I bet that Apple will be following Google’s invention with their own. That being said, I will most definitely wait until the competition comes crashing Google’s party. That $1,500 price will be less than half and the specs will be better within a year after launch (hopefully).

The only next step from here, which I think Google really missed out on, is implementing an actual phone directly in the Google Glass itself. Instead, it needs to be connected via Bluetooth to an iPhone or an Android phone. My prediction for the upcoming year is that Apple is going to release a new phone that will be wearable, perhaps and “eyePhone”…get it?. Normally, Apple is at the cutting edge of consumer products, but Google definitely bested them this time. This might have been either a strategic move to test the waters for this kind of product on the market or it was just not envisioned as the next stepping-stone for Apple.

;TLDR It does almost everything your smart phone will do except make calls. You need to have it connected via Bluetooth to do that. Save your pennys until some competition arrives to push down the price and up the specs. The practical use is only for a really trendy and tech-savvy consumer base.