Gift Ideas For Everyone


As a kid growing up, the last thing I wanted was clothes but for some reason my parents kept “surprising” me with them for every occasion. As I grew up, I always wondered why no one knows what to give their kids, parents, siblings, friends, etc. for a gift giving occasion. Hopefully this article will help out with that.

Kids under 10: just look at the front cover of a “Toys R Us” ad and get that. No clothes.

Teenagers: an article of clothing from a good brand, any trendy electronic or accessory, camera, laptop/pc, gift cards to the movies or restaurants, college fund, bank account, etc.

Sporty: new sports equipment and/or sports apparel, a jersey of their favorite team or player, tickets to a game, memorabilia, hats, bicycle, etc.

Outdoorsy: hunting equipment, camping equipment, grilling equipment, mountain bike, gardening equipment, etc.

Travelers: gas gift card, offer to rent a car for their next road trip, plane ticket, luggage, cameras, travel coffee mug, etc.

College students: trendy sun glasses, gift cards to restaurants, grocery stores, and electronic stores, Starbucks gift card,  book bag, purse, furniture, gas gift cards, alcohol, cash, clothing with college logo, fraternity/sorority stuff, offer to buy books, iTunes gift card, coffee maker, etc.

Nerdy: gaming subscriptions, new computer equipment (mouse, keyboard, computer upgrades, etc.), faster internet, favorite show/game/book/whatever shirt, electronic store gift card, seasons of favorite show on DVD, etc.

Grandparents: clothes, easy-read remote, old pictures, magazine subscriptions, scrap book, easy-read watch, easy-use electronics, radio, lawn services, etc.

I know this article has lots of “gift cards” in it, but I would absolutely rather have a gift card for something I enjoy than the “thoughtful” gift that I will never use. Comment with other ideas for gifts!