Don’t Be Silly North Korea


With things heating up the past few weeks, North Korea seems to believe that they can make moves on the world war chess board without consequences. Even China, North Korea’s ally, is against their aggressiveness toward the United States.

Today NK has loaded a pair of missiles onto launchers while the U.S. and allies ready to shoot them down with their upgraded and mobile P.A.T.R.I.O.T. systems. The hacker group, Anonymous, is also on board to support the U.S. on the cyber war front. More and more nations and organizations are joining our cause while North Korea is losing China, their biggest and most powerful ally.

One overlooked aspect to this time-bomb is the cost factor. Many news outlets report North Korea doesn’t have the means to support a war against the U.S. Also, the U.S. will take a huge economic blow and rack up even more debt. With both countries already hurting for money and in debt, this would not be the best choice economically.

Hopefully, NK will realize their actions are not in the best interest for themselves or the rest of the world. I strongly believe the repercussions of their war-meriting actions will end in nothing but a blown up non-functioning North Korea and another Great Depression in the U.S.