Cheap Flight Please!


Unfortunately there isn’t a guaranteed cheap flight site, nor is their that famous option to be a mail courier anymore. There is no way around it other than to just do your research and plan months in advance. I will share some tips however on getting something much more affordable.


1. Start looking 1-2 months in advance. WARNING: Waiting till the last minute is a terrible idea.

2. If you have the money and are 98% certain about the flight schedule, book it. My wife, being a veteran traveler, made the classic mistake of waiting a couple extra days “just incase” she finds something cheaper or something else comes up in her personal life. This costed us $200. Not cool.

3. Check all the sites! I mean all of them. I usually start with Expedia to give me a good estimate about how much my flight will be. Expedia, for me, has always been cheaper than priceline and hotwire and all those other TV advertised travel sites. My wife and I have flown to Europe from the about US 20 times in the past 8 years and have booked through expedia about 15 of those times. The other times were all different sites such as cheapoair and aerlingus.

4. Check different airports. For example, if I fly into Cologne, Germany it might cost me hundreds of dollars more than flying into Duesseldorf, Germany which is only a 30 minute drive on the Autobahn or a short train ride.

5. Be flexible. Leaving on a Friday or Saturday and returning on a Friday or Saturday will usually cost you quite a bit more. Stick to Monday – Thursday for your departures and arrivals.

6. Be aware of luggage costs! When you fly with a big airline, usually you get one check-in luggage and one carry-on free. On smaller flights you’re looking around $50 per bag for departure and $50 per bag for arrival. It will always say on the airline’s website how much the luggage is.

7. Skip on the insurance. Of the times I have flown, I have never needed it and have never purchased it. Insurance usually costs around $35 and is only valid if something serious comes up in your life such as death in immediate family, serious illness, etc. It is not one of those “Hey, I just don’t feel like flying today so let’s reschedule.” things.

8. Transportation to and from the airport can cost quite a lot. Double check on airport parking prices as they can be a little ridiculous and also cab fairs or the train. If you are flying to Europe, most likely you will be at a larger airport and everywhere, I mean everywhere, in Europe has trains to take you anywhere you want to go. These trains might cost 5-50 dollars per person so make sure you check the rates.

I hope this helps you guys. If you have any more questions about travelling abroad please use the contact link or just post in the comment box!


  1. Josh says: has always been my favorite travel consolidation site, compared to like Priceline, Hotwire, etc. It seems they’re pretty unbiased in what companies they push you towards, but they also give an option to search all the major sites, all with one click.