Bud Light: America’s #1


Beer sales in 2011 and 2012 show Bud Light as America’s choice of favorite beer. In fact, it has sold more than America’s 2nd and 3rd favorite beers, Coors Light ($2,056,722,000 in sales) and Budweiser ($2,017,366,000 in sales) put together. In total, Bud light has sold an amazing 269,135,600 cases of beer which total $5,452,052,000.

The average price per case of Bud Light is $20.26 compared to Coors Light $20.21 and Budweiser $19.85. As one can surely guess, Miller Light and Natural Light comes in at 4th and 5th place for America’s favorite beer.

Food for thought: These numbers are solely American sales, and America is considered lightweights at 11th place for amount of beer consumed per person per year (19.97 gallons). The Czech are currently holding the number 1 spot by large margin at 38.04 gallons per person consumed. They are followed by the Irish drinking 29.43 gallons per person and then the Germans with 27.9 gallons per person.  No wonder the Americans have such a bad drinking rep!

That being said, imagine what the leading beer sales would be like in these countries and how much it influences their culture. Maybe my next trip to Europe will be sooner than expected! This topic has officially put me in the drinking mood. I feel good cracking my Heineken open and contributing to America’s lightweight title.

Below is a nice infographic in light of St. Patty’s Day


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