Bored In Your Dorm?

dorm boredom

I know when I was in college, I did have some down days where nothing was really going on in any clubs I was involved in, homework could be put off for a couple more days, and it was raining outside. So while sitting there bored out of my mind in my dorm room with my roommate, we decided to do a little redecorating, partying, and pranking.

First we decided our long thick wooden closet door would be a perfect beer pong table. We managed to find a screw driver and unhinged one of the closet doors and prop it up on both of our desk chairs which created a near perfect height. Now all we needed was 12 cups, balls, and some brew. Unfortunately, beer was not permitted in the dorms when I was in college, which made this even more fun.

Prank wars begin! The doors in our dorms actually opened inward. That being said, we found some worthy candidates and filled one of those huge black trash cans with water and leaned it against their door. After a few polite knocks, the resident opened the door only to find a 40 gallon water-filled trash can falling into their room and completely soaking everything on the floor. The funny thing is that being a typical male college student, you keep everything on the floor: clothes, books, homework, trash, etc. Boom goes the dynamite.

On the more productive and less destructive days, I would try to plan events for some of the clubs I was involved in. Mostly these events were either party ideas or philanthropy fund-raising events, sometimes both. One can easily take advantage of social networking outlets such as Facebook and create an event for such ideas. Some events and ideas worked out, while some didn’t. Regardless, I was still able to raise a couple thousand dollars each semester and throw some bangers.

Comment some of the fun things you do/did when you were bored in the dorm!