Beer Bottles And Chain Saws (Video)

This is perhaps the craziest way I have ever seen to open a beer bottle, and there are many. If you don’t have your handy dandy chain saw around then I’d suggest using these things:

1. A plain ring- All you need to do is hook the ring under the lid and apply upward pressure. This is my preferred way to open a beer. Just don’t use your wedding ring unless you’re divorced.

2. A lighter- As the amount of smokers decrease these days, lighters tend to be less and less available though it is simple to leverage a lighter in between your big knuckle and the cap. Use your knuckle as a fulcrum and press down on the lighter.

3. Any type of square ledge- Simply rest the edge of the cap on the edge and slam your fist down on top of the cap. If you put the rim of the bottle and not the cap on the edge it will shatter so be careful.

4. A carabiner- This is the newest method I’ve learned. The piece of the carabiner that you push in has an indentation on the top that makes it fit exactly to the other part. Squeeze in the carabiner and use the top part of the gate to fit snugly to the cap of the beer bottle and pry it open. Heres the youtube link: Carabiner Beer Bottle Opener

5. Use another bottle- use the same method as you would the lighter. It works nicely with plastic coke bottles too.

6. Bike tires- Put the bike upside down and spin the bike tire rather fast. Then slowly move the beer bottle at an angle into the spokes and a spoke should catch on the cap. The force of the moving bike tire should be strong enough to pull it off. Check out the video. I hope you laugh as hard as I did. Heres the youtube link: Bike Tire Beer Bottle Opener

There are tons of other utensils and such to use the same way you would a lighter. Try out some ways of your own and comment them!